Executor Guns

Probate Shotguns


Have you ever wondered how an executor is supposed to deal with items in an estate that you require a licence for.  The deceased owned some shot guns which were secured in a Police approved locked cabinet.  The executor is responsible for securing the estate and getting a valuation and then passing these guns to the beneficiary.  How can this be achieved?

If you carry them around to the Police then they might decide to destroy them under an amnesty.  The executor can only carry them if he or she has their own firearms licence.  It is possible to request a temporary licence from the Police but it will only be valid for 3 months.

What you need is a helpful local “Fire Arms Dealer” who can provide the executor with a Probate valuation and then keep the guns in safe custody until they can be passed to the new owner.

If you are a Shotgun owner then the issue of your cabinet keys is a tricky one.  It is an offence to disclose the whereabouts of your keys to a person not authorised to possess your guns. However, your executors will need to have access to your cabinet after you have
died to dispose of your property on behalf of your estate.   You will need to strike a balance between guarding your keys during your lifetime and being found after a detailed search by your executors when you have died. Avoid choosing a complicated hiding place, otherwise your executors will never find them and you will probably forget where you put them. Equally don’t leave your keys on top of the cabinet as this would just make them a present to burglars.

In any case you do not want Vinnie Jones or Jason Statham around!