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Lock Stock & 2 Barrels in Probate

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Have you ever wondered how an executor is supposed to deal with items in an estate that you require a licence for.  The deceased owned some shot guns which were secured in a Police approved locked cabinet.  The executor is responsible for securing the estate and getting a valuation and then passing these guns […]

Paypal Legacy & Probate

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Probate & how to close your PayPal account
The Image above asks the difficult question over what happens if someones dies with funds in their PayPal account

When the holder of a PayPal  account dies their Executor has to follow a similar procedure as with other financial institutions.  Rather quaintly they require that documents are faxed […]

Isa is tax free and other Myths

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As an individual you can hold an Individual Savings Account which has had a varied form over the years but can currently accept up to £15,240 per year in a mixture of cash and shares.

There are a number of different taxes that are levied on individuals and our ISA is free of income tax […]

Family Fallout and Contentious Probate

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“He’s not gonna get one penny more than me!”

Fortunately there are quite a few stages to get through before The Supreme Court. Most verbal litigants are never in a position to fund the very extensive costs associated with a real dispute.

Litigation can be expensive, time-consuming, stressful and risky.

Even if you win it is rare […]