The Contact List in this section of the download shows details of the major UK banks.


The listed websites are, wherever possible, a direct link to the bank’s “Bereavement Advice” page.  If no Bereavement Advice page is available, the link is to the bank’s “Contacts” page.


Some banks’ Bereavement pages include a form which should be filled in and returned online.


Addresses and telephone numbers are, wherever possible, those provided by the bank as specific to their “Bereavement Department”.  Where no dedicated department has been located, the bank’s head office address and general enquiry telephone number is listed.


For each bank, Pre-Grant and Post-Grant letters have been provided.  These letters are pre-addressed to the relevant banks.  The Pre-Grant Letter should be sent as the first notification of the death of an account holder, and the Post-Grant letter should be sent once the Grant of Probate has been received.


If the required bank is not listed, use the Template letters and insert the bank’s name and address.


Please note that some banks have merged with, or have been taken over by, other banks or building societies.  Where this is the case, the original name is listed with a note of the bank or building society to which queries should now be directed.


Please be aware that the listed details are subject to change at any time.  We strongly advise that the postal address is confirmed with the bank prior to sending out original documentation.


Easy Probate would be grateful if customers could notify us of any updates to the contact details for their bank, to enable us to keep our information as current as possible.