Finding the Insurance Policy

Probate Admin

Dying Tidily  Part One

Where is everything?

Organise a up to date list of assets.  Try to record  the Name Address  Phone number and your account number of the holder of that; bank account shareholding, premium bond etc.

Your Funeral

You might be a firm believer in a Cremation or a Burial but some people have secular beliefs and really are only interested in a disposal of their body with dignity but minimal expense. You can choose to take charge of this process by pre arranging your funeral or allow your family to be faced with the unctuous funeral director.  If the Local Authority are eroding your estate by Care Charges , they will leave you with £14,250 .  If your family are using your resources to pay for the funeral then circa £5,000 will be deducted from £14,250  Alternatively if you were to pre arrange your funeral in your lifetime then the Local Authority would have to support you earlier.


Bank Accounts

Day to day accounts could be joint so that no formal process is required.


Insurance Policy

All Insurance Policies and Pension Funds are nominated to someone by writing in Trust.

I have conducted several full probates just to release a Policy. Can YOU lay your hand on the Policy Nomination form.

I typically talk to Nurses who joined the NHS when they were to 18 and 30 years later their mother is still nominated to receive the benefit!