Ever wondered how to report the death of a loved one and get access to their funds?

Use the Bereavement Centre

HSBC normally need a certified copy of the Will. Send an original Death Certificate and a letter containing the deceased client’s details including account numbers and your authority to act, which might be the Will. The Bank will freeze the account and provide all the information to complete your Probate application and to make tax returns. A proforma of this letter and the address can be found here:  You can see an example Letter to HSBC Bereavement Centre

Buy all the letters and Forms that you will ever need. 

Visit a HSBC Branch

They will ask you for the same information as the Bereavement Centre and will in fact often talk to the HSBC Bereavement Centre while you are in front of them. Branch staff have variable levels of training. If the deceased had only one account this method might be viable. If however there were multiple accounts this is a very time consuming method of reporting the death.

Call HSBC Customer Services

You may or may not get put through to the Bereavement Centre and they will make a note of what you say but you will still need to provide a hard copy of the original Death Certificate and a Certified Copy of the Will at some stage.

Other Matters

One communication with HSBC will attend to all contacts that the deceased had with the Bank. You may discover a credit card, a savings account, an ISA, a Deposit Box, even an outstanding debt.

Please remember that a Power of Attorney expires at the same moment as the deceased. If you continue to operate a Lasting Power of Attorney after someone’s death you will be committing an offence.