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Allied Irish Bank Pre-Grant Letter
Post-Grant Letter €                       25,000.00 If the overall value of the Irish Estate of the deceased (including the money in the account with AIB) is not more than €25,000 (EURO), the money in the account(s) can be released once you complete an Indemnity for Release of Balances Form.

If the overall value of the Irish Estate is more than €25,000 (EURO), we will not be able to release the funds until either a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration have been issued. Bereavement Support Team, AIB, 4th Floor, 1 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, Ireland; YES 00353 1 6415182
Bank of Ireland Post-Grant Letter €                       25,000.00 If the estate has a value of over €25,000 (EURO), we will need either a certified copy of the grant of probate or letters of administration. Bereavement Support Unit
Bank of Ireland
PO Box 365
Dublin 18
YES 00353 818 818511
Barclays NO £                       29,999.00 £0 – £29,999
A Personal Indemnity Form 150 KB needs to be completed and signed by any personal representative acting on behalf of the estate.£30,000 or above
A General Authority to Close 110 KB must be signed by all persons named on the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration. Grant of Probate, or Letters of Administration if there isn’t a will, will be needed. Bereavement Service Centre
Barclays Service Centre,
LE87 2BBORBarclays Service Centre
Warwick Technology Park
CV34 6UT
NO 0345 075 7070
Cahoot Pre-Grant Letter
Post-Grant Letter
None They do not release any money with letter of indemnity.

Death 24.1 If a cahoot account is in your sole name, we will ask your personal representatives to provide proof of their authority and then allow them to close your cahoot account. Any amounts owing on your cahoot accounts must be repaid.
24.2 Other than a cahoot credit card, if the cahoot account is in joint names it will continue in the name of the survivor

(called bank) Cahoot,
3rd Floor, Friars House,
Manor House Drive,
Coventry CV1 2TE.(Called bank)
YES 01908 937 222
Clydesdale Bank Post-Grant Letter £                       30,000.00 This is our small estates form which we use when settling accounts where the total funds held with the Bank amount to less than £30,000. This form will also be used when the balance falls below £30,000 once any funeral expenses have been accounted for. This will either be completed by the executor(s) of the will or if there is no will, the next of kin under the intestacy rules. Bank Bereavement Services
PO Box 3120
G60 9BP
YES Tel: 0800 011 3238
Fax: 0844 736 0538
Co Operative Bank Pre-Grant Letter
Post-Grant Letter None Case by case basis / Individual basis

Only if no will in place and personal account – £30,000

The Co-operative Bank
Customer Services
PO Box 200
YES 0345 603 1333
Coutts & Co Post-Grant Letter £                       25,000.00 £25,000 is the maximum value of the whole estate, if it is more than that then Coutts will not release any money with out further documentation

(called bank)

The Client Services Team
Coutts & Co.
440 Strand
WC2R 0QS(called bank)
First Direct Bank Case by case basis Due to the value of the estate

(called bank)

first direct
Banking Solutions
Bereavement Support Team
40 Wakefield Road
LS98 1FD
YES From UK: 03 456 100 100
From the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and abroad: +44 113 234 5678
Halifax £                       50,000.00 For accounts, products and services held with us, in the sole name of the person who has died, we will only need to see the Grant of Probate if the value is more than £50,000.

Apparently the same for Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland
Address for Lloyds PLC is Estate Settlement Unit, Department 62-42, Box 4, BX1 1LT

(called bank) Bereavement Service Centre
PO Box 692
YES ‘0800 028 1057
HSBC Post-Grant Letter £                           5,000.00 UK Residents – Where the value of the deceased assets held in their sole name is greater than £5,000 Probate may be required. At HSBC every case will be reviewed by one of our bereavement specialists and decisions will not be made solely on the value of the estate District Service Centre
HSBC Bank plc
Harry Weston Road
YES 0800 085 1992*

or +44 (0)114 252 0249 if you’re calling from outside the UK.

Intelligent Finance Pre-Grant Letter £                       25,000.00 If it is under £25,000 Death certificate and letter of indemnity needs to be provided.

They will release money for HMRC payment and funeral bills.

Part of the Lloyds Group

(called bank)

Customer Accounts Team
Intelligent Finance
Po Box 17316
EH12 1AY
YES ‘0131 5499012
Isle of Man Pre-Grant Letter
Post-Grant Letter £                           9,999.00 (called bank) Probate Team
Isle of Man Bank
PO Box 11
16 Library Place
St Helier
NO 01624 637000
Metro Bank Pre-Grant Letter £                       15,000.00 (called bank) Bereavement Services
Metro Bank
1 Southampton Row
NO 0345 08 08 507
Natwest Post-Grant Letter £                       25,000.00 £25,000 or below will be released with a account closure agreement or indemnity (a NatWest form) and will. Must be signed by executer or immediate next of kin.

If NatWest is the executor of the will, please send the documents listed above to:
Hugh James Solicitors
Hodge House
114 – 116 St. Mary Street
CF10 1DY

(called bank)

Natwest Bereavement Service Team
Bolton Customer Service Centre
PO Box 2027
De Havilland Way
YES 0800 161 5903
Royal Bank of Scotland £                       25,000.00 £25,000 or below will be released with a account closure agreement or indemnity (a NatWest form) and will. Must be signed by executer or immediate next of kin. RBS Bereavement Service Team
Bolton Customer Service Centre
PO Box 2027
De Havilland Way
Bolton BL6 4YU
YES 0800 161 5904
Santander £                       25,000.00 £25,000 need death certificate and identification from next of kin or executor, along with bereavement instruction

(called bank)

Santander Probate & Bereavement Centre
PO Box 524
YES 0800 587 5870
Standard Chartered Bank Pre-Grant Letter I was told they are not longer a retail bank, so in order to get assistance those involved in the deceased estate would have to write to the head office with “as much information as possible”. The private banking department would then respond.

(called bank)

Global Headquarters
Standard Chartered Bank
1 Basinghall Avenue
YES 020 7885 8888
Tesco Pre-Grant Letter £25,000 Indemnity form, copy of the will or next of kin/spouse/children names and addresses

(called bank)

Estates and Legal Notices Team
Tesco Bank
PO Box 27990
G29EZOrFreepost Tesco Bank Estate Team
G2 9EZ
NO 0345 071 6153

8am – 5pm

Virgin Money £                       25,000.00 As a guide, the following information will be required before we can release funds from a sole account in the name of the deceased.

> For total balances under £500 we require completion of our Registration of Executor(s) / Administrator(s) Form.

> For total balances of £500 or more but below £25,000 we require completion of our Registration of Executor(s) / Administrator(s) Form. However, this form needs to be signed and the ‘statutory declaration’ administered by a Solicitor / Commissioner for oaths.

> For balances of £25,000 or more we require a Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration (‘Confirmation’ in Scotland) and our letter will explain what you need to do to get this Bereavement Support
Virgin Money
Jubilee House
YES 0345 600 730
Birmingham Midshires Pre-Grant Letter £                       50,000.00 Same as Halifax

(called bank) Bereavement Team
Birmingham Midshires
PO Box 81
Pendeford Business Park
Wobaston Road
Wolverhampton WV9 5HZ
YES 0345 602 2828
Britannia £                       30,000.00 Original or certified copy of a will (if made) or a completed Indemnity Form, together with a withdrawal form or closure instructions requesting closure of the account(s) and who to make the cheque payable to. The withdrawal form or closure request must be signed by the next of kin, or the executors if the deceased made a will

The ‘Indemnity Form’ should be completed by the next of kin

Bereavement Team,
Freepost (15796),
Dept CO33,
ST13 5RG.
YES 0161 2013800
Chelsea Pre-Grant Letter £                       30,000.00 Up to £5000 require a small estate form
Up to £30,000 require a statutory declaration
After £30,000 require grant of representation / probate Bereavement Team
Customer Service Centre
Yorkshire Building Society
Yorkshire House
Yorkshire Drive
NO 01274 705 941
Cheltenham & Gloucester Post-Grant Letter £                       50,000.00 £0-£50,000 – Death certificate and bank account details and details of deceased. Deal with face to face initially then over the phone

Over £50,000 a Grant of probate is required

Some C&G savings accounts are now with TSB. If your savings account is with TSB information about how to contact your bank can be found by clicking here

If your C&G savings account is with C&G you can contact us by phone, in branch or by post.

Part of Lloyds Bank

(called Bank)

C & G Savings
PO Box 1888
SP10 9BF
All communication has to be done face to face in the branch, via a booked appointment, then once case has been made can be dealth with over the phone. 0800 096 4318

They will only deal with cases in progress

Coventry Pre-Grant Letter
Post-Grant Letter None No release without a Grant of probate


Oakfield House
PO Box 600
NO 0800 587 4565
Leeds Pre-Grant Letter
Post-Grant Letter
£                       15,000.00 Below £15,000 will + Letter of indemnity
£15,000 and above probate is needed(CALLED BANK)
Investments Department
Leeds Building Society
105 Albion Street
YES 03450 50 50 75
Nationwide Post-Grant Letter £                       30,000.00 Under £30000 a letter of Indemnity & solicitor signature on Nationwide form bank closure form Bereavement Services
Customer Service & Operations
Nationwide Building Society
SN38 1NW
NO 0800 4643018
Nottingham Pre-Grant Letter £                       15,000.00 £15,000 or less, would require death certificate and follow the process

(called bank)

Nottingham Building Society
Nottingham House
3 Fulforth Street
YES 0344 481 4444
Skipton Pre-Grant Letter Case by case basis At minimum they required death certificate, who the executors are along with their signatures

(called bank)

Skipton Building Society
Principal Office
The Bailey
North Yorkshire
BD23 1DN
YES 0345 850 1700
West Bromwich Post-Grant Letter £                       15,000.00 Below £15,000 statutory declaration is required

(called bank)

The West Brom
Mortgage & Investment Services
Head Office
2 Providence Place
West Bromwich
B70 8AF
YES 0345 241 3784
Yorkshire Pre-Grant Letter
Post-Grant Letter £                           5,000.00 £5000 – small estates indemnity form
£5,000 – £30,000 – statutory declaration must be witnessed by solicitor
£30,000 – Grant of probate(called bank)
Bereavement Team
Yorkshire Building Society
Yorkshire House
Yorkshire Drive
YES 01274 705 941