District Service Centre

HSBC Bank plc

Harry Weston Road





Dear Sirs


Re:   The Estate of <Name of Deceased> (deceased)

Account Number:   <Account Number>

I am acting in the administration of the estate of the above deceased, who died on <date of death>.

I enclose a Death Certificate, the details of which should be noted and the certificate returned.

The above account is held in the name of the deceased.


  1. Freeze the account.
  2. Advise the balance at the date of death and, if applicable, provide a separate note of net interest accrued but unpaid as at the date of death.
  3. If applicable, provide a copy of any direct debit and standing order instructions, and confirm in writing that these have been cancelled as from the date of death.
  4. Advise if the account is already closed, and confirm the date of closure.
  5. Advise the interest paid, and tax deducted, for the 2015/2016 tax year and the period 6 April 2016 until <date of death> (the date of death) for HM Revenue & Customs purposes.
  6. Advise whether the deceased holds any other accounts with you and, if so, provide the above information for these accounts.
  7. Confirm whether you hold any items in the name of the deceased in your safe-keeping facility, and advise how access to these items may be gained.
  8. Forward any documentation which needs to be completed to enable closure of the account(s) once a Grant of Probate in the estate has been obtained.


It is possible that Inheritance Tax may be payable in this estate. Please kindly advise your requirements to enable the release of funds from the account prior to obtaining the Grant of Probate, and forward any forms which would be required to facilitate this.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Yours faithfully,



Personal Representative of the Deceased

Enc:    Death Certificate (to be returned)

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