Probate process

Stage 1

Report the death to a local Registrar
Purchase ten Death Certificates
Use “Tell Us Once” Service
Ensure “Buildings Insurance” remains valid


Stage 2
Gather detailed information relating to the Assets and Liabilities of the Estate.
Note 1


Stage 3
Complete Forms: IHT 205 or IHT 400 and PA 1
Assistance can be purchased from easyProbate, as follows:
– Telephone support: £25.00 (or £50 for Premium Service)
– IHT 205: £750
– IHT 400: easyProbate can quote for professionally qualified support


Stage 4
Send forms to Probate Registry and/or HMRC Nottingham


Stage 5
Receive ‘Oath’ and arrange for it to be sworn in front of Solicitor


Stage 6
Return ‘Oath’ to Probate Registry


Stage 7
Receive Grant of Probate


Stage 8
Send Grant of Probate to all institutions with instruction to make payment to the Executor’s Account
Note 2


Stage 9
Have Estate Account approved by Beneficiaries


Stage 10
Pay Legacies and distribute Estate


1. Notification of death can be posted by the Personal Representative in the London Gazette and/or local papers to notify Debtors.
2. An “Executor’s Account” can be opened by the Personal Representative at a High Street Bank. No withdrawals can be made before the Grant of Probate is received.

Download the PDF here